iOS App Ideas to Make Money. Inspire or Replicate. Part 1

Every few months I spy App Store to see the new apps with revenue. I used to put these app ideas in a notes, but now I will share them here. 

Principles for getting apps on this list:

  • An ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) >= 2. Each install brings at least 2 dollars, so there is a possibility that their unit-economy is good.
  • An app caused a “Wow” effect or just resonated me

Recipes Organizer

Six months ago, I first found Pestle in App Store. The app had a “Wow” effect on me because I cook sometimes and know about problems with a cooking process. The cool thing about this app is that it replaces all the recipe websites and other recipe apps. People have been cooking almost every day for many years. The app export ANY recipe into a single structure from ANY website. AWESOME! I had thoughts to make an analog of this app…

And recently, ReciMe ads started popping up frequently in TikTok. TikTok is a great platform for this type of app.

However, Pestle has 7k revenue only per month. ReciMe has 0 with 10k installs. Perhaps my “Wow” is not shared by people. Or a spy tool lies me.

Brand-stuck apps

Swipefy for Spotify
👨 60k, 💰 70k (per month)

Maybe Spotify opened some kind of public API, otherwise I don’t understand why I haven’t seen apps like this before. 

“S*ck up to the brand and you’ll be happy.” If the AppStore will publish you, of course. 

A big brand with organic traffic + public API + AI + real advantages of the app = 🍑. 

Location trackers

Phone Tracker 
👨 10k, 💰 20k (per month)

An idea resonated. As a father of a baby, I would like to know where she will be (when she can walk on her own). Apple has Find My Phone, where you can see the location of people added there, but only if they have internet. This app can track by using GPS, you don’t need internet as far as I understand. 

Religion apps

Holy Bible
👨 10k, 💰 20k (per month)

There are a lot of believers. And if they like your app, great! There’s another app called Hallow (👨 200k, 💰 200k) – it’s “religion” wrapped in a “meditation” functionality. This app is a few years old, but I only found out several days ago and immediately thought “this is genius!”. 


👨 70k, 💰 200k (per month)

The name is dumb, no ASO optimization, but the product idea is cool. An app to simplify life. You upload music as its creator in one place to all platforms for earnings, look at statistics, get money in one place too.

Video + AI apps

Face Changer
👨 10k, 💰 50k (per month)

AI allows you to do a lot of things now, including changing faces instantly. There are a lot of video makers now – it will find its audience.

Habits apps

👨 20k, 💰 30k (per month)

Really resonated with the idea too. Kids love gadgets and (most likely) don’t like doing chores around the house. This app allows you to gamify the process. And not just gamify, but then give a real reward that the parent set (and buys later). The child becomes more obedient, successful, purposeful – the parent is satisfied ➡️ Subscription continues to be paid, the child grows and so on.

Coin and banknote identifiers apps

I’ve seen a few. The idea is interesting too. “What if this coin is worth XXX$ and I don’t know!!!”. Numismatists will definitely appreciate the app. I think you can even organize a full-fledged platform and community for buying/exchanging.

Dating apps

At first I didn’t understand why there were so many dating apps, and then I realized….. AI greatly pumped up the developers’ ability to create realistic female bots who can beg money from gullible men.

Boring and non-creative apps

Also, AI apps continue to appear and start earning immediately: chat-bots, email assistants and others.

I saw also QR-readers and signing apps for documents/invoices/PDFs. Boring and hackneyed ideas for apps… But these apps still works for making money (if you can buy cheap installs).

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