How To Prepare iOS Build For Icons AB-Test? Tutorial With Screenshots

Didn’t find how to find icons AB-test in AppStore? No problem. It’s not obvious! Here is the instruction on how to prepare iOS build for icons AB-test.

First of all, you should activate this function, if you don’t do it. 

After that we should prepare an Xcode build.

1. Open Xcode, then Assets.xcassets

2. Add New iOS App Icon

3. Name it. For instance, AppIcon_A (or something else, but don’t name it “AppIcon”)

4. Choose the project file, then project target, open build settings. Type in the search in the right corner “App Icon” and find “All App Icon Assets”. Set to “Yes”.  

5. Then upload the new build and update it in App Store. 

6. Open “Product Page Optimization”, choose icon AB-test and then run.

Do you need any additional SDKs for AB-tests?

If you get the message:

However, any app icons you want to use must be included in the app binary for the 

version of your app currently on the App Store, and that app must use an SDK that 

supports alternate icons in asset catalogs.

You should use this.

How many icons can I use in the AB-test at the same time?

You could use 3 icons in AB-test. However, you could add many icons to the build and then run many AB-tests one after one without new updates.

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