App Ideas for Beginners to Make Money in 2023

Do you want to find new cool app ideas for beginners? Do you want to find app ideas that help you make money even without programming skills? You are in the right place!

Hey everyone, I’m Alex and today I’m going to share with you tools that help you to find new app ideas anytime. 

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Maybe you want to find app ideas that haven’t been made. However, it’s the wrong way. In my experience, if you want to make money from apps you should follow another method. I’m going to show you how to find simple android app ideas for passive income.

AppStoreSpy. The service for app ideas searching

We will use the service AppStoreSpy. This service will help you spend your time efficiently and save you many hours of work. I promise you!

We are going to use two instruments: “App Database” and Chrome extension. App Database allows you to search applications using many filters. 

You could filter apps by revenue, installs per day, rating, release date, name and more. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

What about chrome extension… Whoever started using this extension can no longer live without it. Now I’ll show you why.

Type the search term in Google Play and you will see helpful information about each app: category, total installs, installs per day, release date, update date and position in category of countries. 

It’s really helpful when you are searching for an app idea. You will understand whether or not to make an app. You won’t waste your time and money.

How to use “App Database” to find app ideas?

Now I’ll show you settings I use to find fresh app ideas. It isn’t necessary to use my settings. You could experiment and check the results. 

Let’s set the filter installs per day from 200 to 1500 and release date “last 7 days”. Set the limit 100.

What we can see here. Let’s check the results.

For instance, I have found two interesting apps: iOS Style Control Center and HD Video Screen Cast. They were released several days ago but already have 439 and 1000 installs per day.

Let’s check the search term “ios style control center”. 

Firstly, we can see that this search term has many suggestions. It’s a good mark. Secondly, the extension shows us an interesting picture. We have many applications with a good amount of installs per day. And finally, we observe that the new app that was released 6 days ago but already has 400 installs per day. Perfect!

There are a lot of ideas in Google Play. But be careful, using brand names, trademarks, copyright content may lead to blocking your app and even account.

Google Play. Free service to find android app ideas

I have already mentioned Google Play suggestions before. Let’s dive into how to use them. 

Let’s type “how to ”. 

Google Play shows us search term suggestions. The suggestion “how to draw” has more traffic than “train your dragon games”. “Train your dragon games” has more organic installs than “how to draw anime” and etc. I see. You figure it out. The higher the suggestion is located, the more installs it has.

But how can we use it to find app ideas? 

Let’s try to add one more letter to “how to ”. 

How to a: 

How to animate, how to add music to a video, how to approach a girl, how to animate, how to add song in video. 

How to b… How to c… How to z… There are a lot of app ideas here. 

You can do it with “tips”, “guides”, “wallpaper” and etc. Just try it!

Google Trends could help you to find new trends. Besides, you could check here the popularity of the search term. 

You could also find interesting app ideas at this moment there.

Helpful tool.

Thus, we now know how to find app ideas to make money from organic installs.

If you need help growing your organic traffic for your app, feel free to contact me. Of course, if you have any questions, leave a comment below and I’ll answer it. If you like the video, appreciate that. And of course, share it with your friends, tell them about it. Thank you for reading.